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Eleanor Gaccetta’s book on home-cooked food recipes is enough proof that not every book should be based on a momentous event or inspiration. If they’re having trouble staying inspired, writers can look around and find it in mundane things.

Looking at authors who write daily can undoubtedly make one wonder where they get the power to produce continuously. For people to create something off of nothing, they must have a reason for doing so, a motivation that gets them going.

By definition, inspiration is anything that provides people with ideas to do something. Regarding writing, this can be both the writers’ what and why. It helps them come up with what to write, with the inspiration becoming the topic of their piece. At the same time, inspiration can fuel their willpower to write. When people are inspired, they can breeze through their writing process as words and ideas constantly flow from their brains.

However, Finding Inspiration Can Be Challenging

Sometimes once writers begin writing, it can be the very moment their motivation begins to thin. Having no inspiration can be frustrating, whether they’re writing for pleasure or income. Writer’s block is every writer’s biggest nemesis, and it can strike at any moment. Once it hits, they begin doing activities they believe will spark something inside.

Inspiration for writing can be found everywhere, even in the most mundane and normal things. But taking a proactive stance in turning these things into inspiration takes a lot of work. To be inspired to write, a writer doesn’t need to experience the most extraordinary and moving events. They can take the simplest things and create awe-inspiring stories around and about them. It would be surprising to know how many authors get inspired by a simple walk in the park or by simply marveling at nature’s beauty. From there, they have created some of the most sensational stories.

Take author Eleanor Gaccetta for instance. She took an activity from her day-to-day routine and wrote one of her most successful books. Gaccetta’s book on home-cooked food recipes isn’t just a standard cookbook. Instead of simply listing recipes and cooking instructions, she incorporated memorable stories she can associate with these recipes, adding a refreshing twist to the book. Generations of Good Food proves that any everyday thing can be crafted into a remarkable book.

Here are other regular things to get inspiration to write from.

Everyday Conversations

This isn’t only limited to conversations writers experience firsthand. Often, writers get inspired by conversations they have merely overheard. In between drinking their first cup of coffee at the nearby café to riding the bus home, the world is brimming with conversations.

What’s excellent about finding inspiration in people’s conversations is that they’re natural and have this sense of realism. While it’s up to the writers how they will convert these conversations into stories or book concepts, the authenticity of the conversation that birthed it remains. They can expand the conversation to make connections for their literary world.

Have a Favorite Quote

Alike getting inspired from everyday conversations, writers can also take ideas from their favorite quotes or encounter. Every quote has a lesson or a point it wants to come across. This can be the starting point of the piece they’re writing. These quotes can also serve as guiding points too.

When writers feel lost, they can pick a quote as a writing prompt. Surely, ideas will start surging from then on. With the internet’s accessibility, writers can land on the perfect quote with just a simple click of a button. By simply searching for quotes related to the theme they’re writing, they can easily get ideas for their book.

Daily News

Attention to the news will give writers numerous concepts to write about and stories from which to base their following plots. News can get weird sometimes, giving writers the perfect opportunity to grab bits and ideas. The best thing about getting inspiration from the news is that there will be a constant supply. News runs on a daily, with new events happening every day.

If writers are confused about how to proceed with their story, they can get a plotline from the news. What’s happening around the world? They can incorporate these events in their story or tweak it a little to fit the progress of their story.

Children’s Ideas

Children are brimming with imagination, out-of-this-world imagination. They can be a great source of concept or storyline inspiration. Their ideas can be highly unique that no other writer would have thought about them. What’s excellent about mingling with children for inspiration is that they will never run out of ideas.

Children look at the world differently. This allows them to give a completely different insight when asked about anything. If writers have trouble with how their villains should be defeated, children will have a unique idea of approaching such issues.

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