One Caregiver’s


Eleanor Gaccetta


Today many families are assuming responsibility for the wellbeing of their elderly parents as part of their daily routines. It may seem arrogant to say a selfless temperament is a prerequisite for caregiving – but it helps. This book details how one person navigated the pleasant and unpleasant attributes of caregiving for 9 1/2 years to ensure her mother was comfortable, clean and well taken care of in the confines of her home until her death at age 102.



The author’s descriptions of her daily routines, interspersed with humorous anecdotes, make this a must read for anyone who currently is or is about to undertake the task of being sole caregiver for a loved one. The reader will laugh and in the next instance shed a tear, while following the author’s caregiving journey to the inevitable end. Kudos for the enlightenment Ms. Gaccetta sheds on the hardships and rewards of 24/7 caregiving.

-Charles DiGiacomo, Amazon customer

This is a “Wow” book all the way, through the caregiving years, to the end. I’m not an avid reader but this one kept me coming back to it… What a story written from the author’s heart!!

– Sally – Texas

About the


Eleanor Gaccetta

Eleanor was working as a professional contract employee after years of being a policy and legislative analyst for Colorado State and County governments. She culminated a forty-year career to provide care for her mother after she broke a hip at age 93. The experience of working in the human services and public health arenas prepared her for life as a 24/7 caregiver. Armed with faith, humor and love she was able to navigate a journey spanning 9 1/2 years and cared for her mother in her home until her death at 102 years of age.



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