One Caregiver’s


Eleanor Gaccetta


Are you a caregiver or about to become a caregiver?  If so, One Caregiver’s Journey, is a MUST read for you.  The book is a treasure trove of stories with information and suggestions to make caregiving less of a challenge.  The book was written over 9 ½ years and is a snapshot into the reality of the stages, changes, and many encounters caregivers face over time.  One Caregiver’s Journey, is an easy read and you will feel as though you are in the author’s living room listening as she is telling her story and offering support and an abundance of information.



“This is the first memoir of this kind I have read, and I love the style, the insightful writing, the heartfelt humor and the utter honest with which the author shares her story.  This is a memoir with powerful lessons on the art of caring for others and what it means to be deeply human. A book to read and pass on.”

5 Stars
Romauld Dzemo

“The book was very emotional, yet it was so lighthearted at the same time.  I loved how Eleanor tried her best to make her mother smile, even when she was breaking apart inside.  I’m sure this story is going to ack like a soothing balm for many people and be the warm hug that they crave.  Exceptionally moving!”

5 StarsRabis Tanveer

“The book is full of handy tips in coping with increasingly difficult behavior as her mother lost the power to reason, hold a conversation and even control of her bodily functions. The author pulls no punches and does not sugar-coat the more unpleasant aspects of day to day living… In terms of structure, interest and descriptive passages, Eleanor writes with clarity and complete honesty.” 

5 StarsBy Lucinda E. Clarke

“One Caregiver’s Journey by Eleanor Gaccetta does an exceptional job of highlighting virtually every aspect of being a caregiver, delivering everything within its pages with wit, empathy and an immeasurable amount of compassion.  The book is, on its surface, a memoir – an autobiography written by and about a woman who devoted her life to her family.  At its core, this book is a guide for caregivers who are in the same or similar situation (and those who may be in the future).  There is so much information that is provided it should be a staple reference for even those who work in the care industry.  Absolutely and very enthusiastically recommended.”

5 StarsReviewed by Asher Syed

“One Caregiver’s Journey is a work of emotive and insightful non-fiction penned by Eleanor Gaccetta.  Written in the form of a memoir, the work describes a very personal experience by the author of almost ten years of care when looking after her mother.”

5 StarsReviewed by K. C. Finn

The author’s descriptions of her daily routines, interspersed with humorous anecdotes, make this a must read for anyone who currently is or is about to undertake the task of being sole caregiver for a loved one. The reader will laugh and in the next instance shed a tear, while following the author’s caregiving journey to the inevitable end. Kudos for the enlightenment Ms. Gaccetta sheds on the hardships and rewards of 24/7 caregiving.

-Charles DiGiacomo, Amazon customer


About the


Eleanor Gaccetta

Eleanor is a Colorado native who grew up in a small farming community just outside the city of Denver.  During her career she worked for the State of Colorado, the City and County of Broomfield and ultimately as a private contractor.  During her early career, she simultaneously worked full time and earned a Bachelor and Master’s degree from Regis University.  She left a 40-year professional career to provide full-time care for her mother who broke her hip at the age of 93.  She started journaling her caregiving experiences 18 months later when her mother suffered a minor stroke and caregiving became more challenging.  The book started out as a series of journal entries designed to allow her to find balance in her situation.  Her daily focus was providing safe and stable care to her mother without losing sight of the necessity for her to remain strong physically and mentally.   Armed with faith, humor and love she was able to able to navigate being the sole caregiver providing full-time care in her home until her mother’s death at age 102.  Today she lives in a western suburb of Denver and enjoys baking, cooking, activities related to health and fitness and spending time with family and friends.



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