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Are you looking for food to make for dinner tonight? From homemade dinner rolls to all-time favored roasted beef, make these comforting dinner foods when you need and deserve a home-cooked meal.

Dinner is the fanciest and funniest meal of the day. Served in the early evening hours when the family, and sometimes friends, get together around a hearty meal. Lots of comfy food gets shared, and memorable times are created. I love creative, tasty, and easy dinner recipes. Especially ones that can be prepped in little time or ahead of time without sacrificing the flavor. Here you will find a wide variety of tasty recipes that your family will thank you for. From pasta to potatoes, to meat, and everything in between!

Five Classic Comfort Food Dinners

1. Creamy Butternut Squash Pasta. This creamy Butternut Squash Pasta is an excellent make-ahead pasta dish you can serve on a winter evening. Thanks to its perfectly roasted butternut squash, broccoli and cauliflower florets, and pasta coated in the tastiest homemade ranch dressing! Also, if kept refrigerated, the salad tastes great for a couple of days, and everyone loves it. Win, win! M

2. Super Easy Potato Rolls Recipe. If you have any leftover mashed potatoes, you must make these delicious Potato Rolls! They stay softer and fresher for longer, and the mashed potatoes add a deliciously subtle flavor! What’s best is that they are also incredibly versatile! Have them by themselves, cut them in half, and toast them with butter. They are truly delicious and work in so many ways! You can make this recipe by hand, in a bowl of a stand mixer, or even in a bread machine! So the potato rolls are versatile, and so is the recipe!

3. Easiest Roasted Beef Recipe with Veggies. This Roasted Beef is the tastiest combination of marinated pieces of beef roasted in the oven, along with some delightful veggies as a bonus, for the perfect dinner meal. Many other recipes may call for slow-roasted beef that takes hours to make, but this tender beef roast can be roasted in just forty minutes. This meal will give you a great, delicious crust without deglazing it with beef broth or even searing it in a skillet! 

4. The Tastiest 10-minute Lemon Pepper Salmon. This delicious Lemon Pepper Salmon is soft, juicy, and bursting with the perfect balance of lemon and pepper for the most delightful combination. It can be made using fresh lemon juice, lemon zest, or lemon pepper to make things quick and straightforward. If you love seafood dishes, you are going to love this one! But even if you are a bit skeptical about it, or if you have picky kids like some do that do not like fish as much, you are still going to love this quick and easy dinner meal. 

5. Easiest Pumpkin Dinner Rolls. These super easy Pumpkin Dinner Rolls are made with pumpkin puree for the perfect pumpkin flavor and the tastiest side dish on your holiday dinner table! They are soft and fluffy and are shaped into croissants for a beautiful, eye-catching, and crowd-pleasing touch. You can store them in your fridge for up to five (5) days or at room temperature in an airtight receptacle for up to 3 days.

In Closing Even though humans love food and enjoy cooking, some people like to keep it simple during mealtime. This means choosing recipes that are easiest to follow and do not involve seemingly never-ending steps or complicated cooking techniques. A taste of home on Generation of Good Food by Eleanor Gaccetta has this compilation of recipes that span six generations. The book is a collection of straightforward recipes with heartfelt stories of Italian life that brought families together around the table. This book will raise your interest whether you are a beginner in your kitchen, a professionally trained, or a home cook. The cookbook is a compilation of nearly 200 recipes, including main dishes, bread, cakes, pies, cookies, and candy. Would you like to cook pasta dishes, bake sweet Easter bread, a Chiffon cake, lemon ricotta cookies, or make Tiger butter fudge? These and many more recipes are included. Just glancing through the table of contents will surely give you the urge to cook, bake and eat.

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