Planning for Elder Care

Planning for Elder Care Elder care, also known as Senior Care, may encompass assisted living, nursing care, adult day care, hospice care and in-home care.  It is a known fact that as we age there is a general decline in health. In my book, One Caregiver’s Journey,...

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Be Wary of “Beware” Postings

Beware is a blogging site that posts criticisms by advocacy groups for predatory marketing practices, excessive fees, high pressure sales and poor customer services used by off shore companies who have markets in the US to help authors self-publish. Beware has focused...

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Meeting ReadersMagnet in Miami

My book, “One Caregiver’s Journey”, was published in March, 2019.   Just prior to launching on Amazon, I was contacted by ReadersMagnet asking if they could collaborate with me on marketing and promoting the book. I was skeptical of the offer and asked a good friend...

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Words Matter

It is the holiday season, a time for good food and cheer. It is also the time when people are stressed and tempers flare at the most inopportune time. I was next in the grocery store checkout lane last weekend. an elderly lady and her daughter were watching their...

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