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Food tends to taste better when mom (dad, or grandma) makes it because of the many deep-rooted emotional connections that can be associated with the food.

Memories of home-cooked meals linger in your mind, reminding you of a carefree childhood. You see, family recipes pack a specific transportive power — when you bite into that same cookie that grandma used to make, you are suddenly a kid again standing in the middle of her kitchen. The aromas and tastes are directly tied to the memory centers of your brain, and one bite can unlock a lost world of familiarity.

Four Reasons Why a Home-Cooked Meal Tastes Better

Extending good food as an offering to those in your circle of influence can inspire culinary and customary traditions. Read on to discover why a meal cooked by your loved one tastes extraordinary.  

1. The food usually tends to be made with love. This reason can be tasted in the flavor of the food. Your mom’s or any of your loved ones’ cooking appears to pay attention to detail, often adding small touches that enhance the overall flavor. Because your loved one usually takes the time to lovingly prepare the meal, it can be seen as an expression of love that is shown in the finished product.

2. The ingredients used are usually fresher. This can be compared to those used in commercial food production, which often contain chemical preservatives and artificial flavorings. As they say, good food engenders a pleasurable sensory experience, feeds the body nutritionally, and is a springboard for solitary musing or communal fellowship. Good food leaves one wanting another taste.

3. The emotional connections. Many people have an emotional connection to their mom’s cooking, associating it with happy memories of childhood, family gatherings, and celebrations. People often have fond memories of their mom preparing or teaching them how to make their favorite meals. It makes them feel loved and special to enjoy the same food when they were younger. Additionally, moms usually teach them basic cooking skills and the right way to prepare and season food, providing flavors that everyone in the family loves.

4. Seeking comfort in traditional recipes. The fact that so many people seek comfort in traditional recipes and dishes that their moms have been making for them for years is an unmistakable sign of how much these recipes are loved! Moms also take time to think carefully about their cooking and what they are going to provide for their families, selecting recipes and ingredients that are healthy and nutritious. People recognize the effort and thought their mom put into every bite, which creates a bond between them, even after they have grown up and moved out of the house.

Cooking: A Labor of Love

Cooking is often called a labor of love because of the care and attention required to produce a truly wonderful meal. Creating a dish from scratch takes time and effort – you must shop for the right ingredients, prepare them for cooking, utilize techniques to bring out the best flavors, use the right cooking tools, and so much more.

When you finish, the reward of a well-prepared dish is priceless. The food is tasty, and it is incredibly satisfying to know that your hard work has resulted in a delicious meal for you and your family to enjoy.

That feeling of accomplishment is what makes cooking a labor of love. It takes patience and dedication, but the rewards of a delicious, homemade meal are worth it.

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