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Preserving the memories of a loved one is an important activity that any family needs to do to keep their dearly departed alive in their hearts and minds.

Eleanor Gaccetta knows how devastating the loss of a loved one can be. In her book, One Caregiver’s Journey, she talks a bit about how painful it was for her when her mother passed. Losing someone you love is a deeply scarring experience, and it’s something that a lot of people might not truly move on from.

But there are ways to improve things: treasuring their memories in the best possible manner. We have some of those ways listed here, so go ahead and scroll down and try doing the method that resonates with you.

1. Set Up a Virtual Memorial Event and Host It

Holding a virtual memorial gathering makes sense in an era where digital connectivity has become more important than ever. Invite your global friends and family to participate in an online get-together where they may exchange recollections and experiences and present a slideshow of their images and videos. This might facilitate gathering people in different places to honor and remember your loved one.

2. Do a Fundraiser or Organize a Charity to Honor Them

Among the many meaningful ways to treasure and preserve the memories of our loved ones, a charity or fundraiser would be a great way to honor them. Plan a donation drive, fundraiser, or charitable event in their honor. Honoring your loved one will strengthen your bond with them and benefit the globe.

3. Construct a Memory Garden

A remembrance garden honors your loved one in real life. Plant a section of your garden or a public location, like a park, with their favorite shrubs, trees, or flowers. Every time you take care of the garden, you can remember your loved one and sense their presence in the beauty of nature.

4. Build a Time Capsule and Put In All the Precious Memories There

Preserving the memories of a loved one will help those who are still here in the physical plane feel as if they’re still alive. Take Eleanor Gaccetta’s case. Although her mother’s passing saddened her, she was able to accept it because she made sure to preserve her mother’s memory.

You can also do the same by assembling a time capsule filled to the brim with mementos, letters, and pictures that bring back memories of your dearly departed. Place it in a secure area or bury it in a specific spot. This is truly a unique way to preserve the memory of a loved one that you should try.

5. Get a Memorial Jewelry Made

You can always have a piece of someone you care about with you, thanks to custom-made memorial jewelry. Think of making a pendant or bracelet out of a lock of hair or a small portion of their ashes. You will always feel their presence with you thanks to this special memento. 

6. Make a Tribute Video

Make a video ode to your loved one in which friends and family can express their condolences and recollections. You can share this movie with others, play it during memorial services, or save it as a personal memento. It’s a lovely method of preserving the words and memories of people who knew the person you adored.

7. Write Your Loved One a Legacy Letter

A memorial letter is a sincere, handwritten message that conveys your thoughts, memories, and aspirations for the future. By preserving this private record, you can ensure that the ideals, wisdom, and love of your departed loved one will live on and inspire future generations.

8. Stitch a Memorial Quilt

Create a memorial quilt by gathering old garments or textiles once owned by your dearly departed. In addition to keeping you warm, this one-of-a-kind memento will envelop you in your loved one’s warmth and memories.

Preserving the Memories of a Loved One Is a Top Priority

Discovering special ways to honor a loved one’s memories is a healing and personal process. Eleanor Gaccetta wants everyone to be able to preserve and treasure the memories of their dearly departed. We hope we have helped you keep your loved ones who have passed away alive in your hearts and minds with the methods we listed here.

Get a copy of Eleanor’s book today. Check out our other blogs, too, and learn when the right time to be talking about age with the elderly is!

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