The Common Safety Risks for the Elderly

During the pandemic, many families are taking care of the elderly at home.  There may be risks that they may encounter even if they are home and homeowners must take necessary precautions to avoid unnecessary accidents. One main tip that you must follow is to leave all emergency numbers, documents and lists of medications easily accessible to your loved ones. Seniors can find excessive options confusing, costly, and completely unnecessary. Being able to communicate is paramount to their care.  Look a phone that is easy to use, setting it up according to their needs, i.e., large numbers for visually impaired and or a microphone for hearing impaired.

The mentioned tip is essential for seniors to have since your home should provide comfort to them. This helps them feel secure, especially when they are alone at home—ensure continued independence and security.  Seniors need care and comfort to lead a healthy life without worries and anxiety. If you successfully give your elderly the safety and security they need, then you will have peace of mind. Knowing that they can move about safely and that you are providing the best possible care, you will no longer have to worry about things.  You can find tips on Gaccetta’s prerequisite to becoming a caregiver. Her book One Caregiver’s Journey will open your eyes to what it’s really like giving care for a loved one.  

This blog will give you the risks seniors face at home, as well as the precautions that can be taken to reduce these risks:

Fall Hazards

Falls one of the most common causes of injury among adults 65 and older. Do you know where this happens most of the time? Inside the person’s own home. In order to reduce the risk of falls and encourage home safety for seniors, make sure that you are making every part of the home safe. First, you need to remove throw rugs. You may find that these are decorative and nice to look at but often present a danger to seniors who trip, slip or get caught up in a walker over them. Be sure to pick up all the piled clutter, including newspapers, loose clothes, and shoes.

Fire Hazards

Fires are a risk in any home, and especially in homes where seniors may require the use of oxygen. To reduce the risk of a fire, remove anything which can cause danger with oxygen. The biggest hazard occurs to elders who smoke.   Many will wear their oxygen while smoking a cigarette or cigar, causing the greatest risk.  Another risk is if the home includes a lit candle which is not in a safe container.  Oxygen fires can be devastating to body and home. 

Accidental Poisoning

The seniors who may have a lot of different medications and may be prone to poisoning. To avoid poisoning risks, make sure that everything which is dangerous is out of the way and as organized as possible. All the medications should be in original containers, organized and labeled. Have elder relatives take their medication in a well room so that you and they can read the labels property. Make sure that all the medications are being used as directed.

Home Invasion Hazards

Every home is subject to home invasions.  To protect your loved one consider installing a security system.  Make certain locks are correctly installed, doors and windows are locked.  Teach your loved one not to open the door to strangers.  Seniors are often the victim of scams which include letting people inside the home and then a dangerous situation could occur.

Hopefully, this blog has given you some helpful tips to ensure your elderly loved ones are living life healthy and feeling secured.



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