Best Cultural Food from Across the World

Apart from standing first on the list of human necessities for survival, food also mounts to many factors in this world, including cultural aspects. Cultural food can influence one’s food experience on many different levels. It is something that shapes people and their identities. Just like how types of clothing signify different personalities, food also transmits meaning to people.

There’s a good reason why different people eat different kinds of food or have different culinary traditions. More than we think, there is a strong connection between food and culture. People eat food of their own culture. It is a part of their identity. Thus, food also becomes one factor that ties everyone in that same culture together, holding a special value. Eventually, food also becomes a source of warm feelings and good memories, especially in a family setting. Generations of Good Food, a compilation of recipes by Eleanor Gaccetta, is a book that reveals the significance of food at the family table. It also comes with stories of Italian life that bring families together around the table. Reading this book can surely help you appreciate and learn the momentousness of cultural food.

Like Eleanor Gaccetta’s cookbook that features Italian food and recipes, there are so many cultural foods in the world that are worth knowing about and possibly even attempting to prepare.  This blog identifies some of them:

Mexican Cuisine

Quesadillas, tacos, pambazos, tamales, and huaraches are all familiar Mexican food that everyone loves. If you are going to choose one cuisine as a staple for the rest of your life, Mexican food should be one of them. Aside from being a must-visit country because of all the cultural heritage that are present, their food is one of many spices, and staples such as beans, rice and many antioxidants.  Its mouthwatering, nourishing taste of Mexican food really is something that people crave. Plus, it is rich in antioxidants, making it nutritious, all the more reasons to love it.

Cantonese Cuisine

Famous for its distinctive style, Cantonese cuisine belongs to the list of the most delectable cuisines in the whole world. It is a dining dream for all the hungry that it would be a total bummer not to try it. One of the dishes to try is a classic steamed dim sum dish. Cheong fun or famously known as rice noodle rolls. It has a savory filling of shrimp, beef, or char siu wrapped in a sheet of fine white noodles. All other steamed dim sum dishes are also worth the try!  Dim sum is also a culinary experience not to be missed as a variety of foods are presented simultaneously at your table.  Truly a treat for your taste buds.

Italian Cuisine

Of course, it is a crime to skip the home of pizza, pasta, and ragu, Italian cuisine. Known for their simplicity, quality, and fresh ingredients. Featured on Gaccetta’s book are also their luscious Italian pastries. Their kinds of pasta are famous for a good reason. The warm Mediterranean climate in the country allowed them to grow fresh vegetables and herbs, which made create the best pasta sauces in the whole world. If you wish to know some recipes for this cuisine, make sure to check out the Generations of Good Food cookbook.

Thai Cuisine

The cuisine of Thailand is loved for its strong aromatic flavors. It has earned its place in the world for its cultural nuances when it comes to food. When you try one food from them, you will look for the flavor all your life. All of the spices harmonize together just like your favorite song. Thai cuisine is truly something not to be missed on your culinary journey.

Japanese Cuisine

Sushi is a known Japanese food throughout the world. Fresh, delicious sushi requires the freshest ingredients most from the sea, preparation is a lot of work, making it a work of art, which is why it is expensive. Despite that, many people are putting it on their favorite food lists. Some people enjoy suishi often would even get sushi many times a week; it is that good.

The list above is some of the best food all over the world that never fails to radiate their culture. Food is the best means of retaining cultural identity because people in different cultural backgrounds eat different types of food. If you are someone wanting to learn and understand other cultures, then trying their cultural food is the best way to go.












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