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Many of the most amazing recipes in the world can be found in cookbooks — but there are few cookbooks whose recipes all work perfectly. That is the Generations of Good Food.  

Many of our favorite recipes in the world are those that people found in a great cookbook but that they had to tweak to give you the best result. It might be an unclear direction, timing that is off, or an ingredient amount that is not quite right. Sometimes in a great recipe, a tiny mistake often leads to recipe ruin. 

About The Book

            Generations of Good Food is the latest book by Eleanor Gaccetta that was published in the second quarter of 2021. This 226-page cookbook is a Timeless Family Cookbook with nearly 200 recipes from six generations. A collection of straightforward recipes such as main dishes, breads, cakes, pies, cookies, and candy (along with heartfelt stories of Italian life that brought families together around the table) is a must-have and must-keep. 

Further, this book will raise your interest whether you are a novice in the kitchen, a home cook, or a seasoned chef. All the recipes are included with easy-to-follow instructions as Ellie shares with her readers how to cook pasta dishes, bake Sweet Easter bread, Lemon Ricotta Cookies, and make Tiger Butter Fudge. Just glancing through the book’s contents will surely get the urge to cook, bake and eat.

On the other hand, Generations of Good Food is not your typical family cookbook. Since the book is inspired by six generations of shared recipes and heartwarming narratives of Italian life, the reader will learn more about Ellie’s mother and grandmother. Marianne, Ellie’s mom, was the eldest daughter of six children.  Marianne did not work on the family farm helped her grandmother (Ellie’s great-grandmother) clean and cook for the family and those who were hired to work on their farm. Marianne learned how to bake and cook at an early age. Marianne married Ellie’s father in 1937, and she quickly won over her father-in-law with her excellent cooking and baking skills. Marianne introduced many recipes to the family, which Ellie also grew up learning to bake and cook. As the saying goes, the rest is history. Also, what makes this book special are the background stories featured almost in every recipe. Readers will find it delightful to learn new recipes and discover the history behind these family dishes. Generations of Good Food is truly a journey of family, tradition, stories, and the food that brings them together.

“This book is a collection of recipes spanning several generations of my mother’s family, our friends, and relatives. These home cooks could easily have rivaled a professional chef or baker. I published my book, One Caregiver’s Journey, in March 2019. It is a memoir about the 9 ½ years I spent providing 24/7 care for my mother. She died in May of 2017. This book was conceived during the winter of 2017, when a couple of weeks of cold temperatures and harsh weather conditions in Colorado required me to hunker down and stay indoors. I compiled my late mother’s cookbooks and favorite recipes and assembled them into a cookbook for her grand and great-granddaughters, young family members, and close friends. The book is the fruit of my labor. I hope you enjoy creating and eating the many family recipes contained in “Generations of Good Food.” – Ellie 

Who Is Eleanor Gacetta?

Eleanor “Ellie” Gaccetta is from a small farming community in Colorado outside Denver. She holds a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in business from Regis University. Ellie spent 40 years working for the State of Colorado, the City and County of Broomfield, and ultimately as a private contractor. When Ellie’s mother broke her hip at age 93, Ellie felt obligated to retire and focus on being a full-time, sole family caregiver until her mother’s death (aged 102) in 2017. This experience was the basis and inspiration for her first book, One Caregiver’s Journey. In April 2021, Eleanor Gaccetta released another remarkable book, a personal cookbook entitled Generations of Good Food (2021). Ellie currently resides in a western suburb of Denver. She enjoys an active lifestyle that includes baking, cooking, health and fitness routines, and spending time with family and friends.

Check out Ellie’s YouTube video on her webpage as she introduces the book Generations of Good Food to her readers.  Follow her on Instagram @gaccettaeleanor

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