Something about the holiday season gives us an excuse to eat meals we would normally not eat. Some even say that holidays turn us into gluttons. But then again, this time of the year is the best time to eat the best delectable meals. No one can resist a good Christmas dinner, especially when surrounded by loved ones. Cookbook by Eleanor Gaccetta entails readers seeing the dinner table as more than just a place where food is placed, she considers it as a place where family reminisces or creates memories.

In a society that never stops, it’s nearly hard to get together for a meal. The holiday season places a strong focus on ‘unity,’ and dining on a sumptuous Christmas meal has become a social standard everywhere in the world. Read on if you are hosting one this year and don’t know where to start.

Whether you’re planning a traditional Christmas dinner or looking for quick dishes with a wow factor, this blog is for you! Here’s a collection of classic holiday recipes that you can make:

Glazed Rib Roast Beef

Many people consider Rib Roast to be the most extraordinary roast beef in the world. If you have this on your Christmas table, expect this to be the first dish people would feast on. This recipe employs a safe, simple, yet extremely efficient cooking process, resulting in beef that is pink all the way down. But it would be best to be careful with monitoring the temperature though; this is the top tip of everyone who perfected this recipe. Make sure that you have a kitchen thermometer to know the internal temperature of cooked prime rib. Do your research, and you should be achieving the desired level of doneness for everybody. Prepare for the ultimate roast beef experience, complete with a glazing and stunning Red Wine Sauce.

Baked Mac and Cheese

Of course, who says no to the classic baked mac and cheese topped with a buttery breadcrumb topping and a gorgeous white creamy cheese sauce. This Mac & Cheese dish has everything you desire in a knock-off Macaroni Cheese—it’s delicious and creamy. It features nicely cooked macaroni, a generous amount of sauce, and a crispy, buttery topping. All you need is some Get all your baked mac usual recipe but add the secret: Gruyere and mozzarella cheese. Plus, to achieve that perfect pasta, make sure to add some butter while you boil it as it stops bloating.

Creamy and Cheesy Green Beans

Why not add more cheesy dishes to your Christmas meal, right? But this time, let’s add some healthy main ingredient—green beans. Now you have a semi-healthy choice in your Christmas menu. For this recipe, you will only need parmesan, garlic, chicken broth, cream, bacon, and of course, green beans. Cook your sauce as you cook some white sauce for pasta. The fresh green beans will act as the pasts for this one. It does not have to be beans. You can also use some Brussel sprouts. The secret tip is to cook it in a slow cooker.

Now you have a vegetable side dish worthy of serving at a holiday gathering — think Christmas.

Quick and Easy Apple Salad

This dish revolves around apples, combining their crisp, juicy sweetness with lush greens and various other ingredients to create a salad with a variety of textures. This is the perfect dish to serve for your health-conscious guests. Plus, it is quick and easy. All you must do is mix candied walnuts, plump cranberries, sliced apple, and some leafy greens. The dressing will be simply made with vinegar, oil, mustard, and sugar. If you want to keep your apples fresh, simply drizzle them with lemons. With the candied walnuts, you can surely achieve a show-off dish on your Christmas table.

Christmas dinners enable you to pause for a moment and enjoy spending time with your loved ones. These small meetings provide a sense of belonging and acceptance, as well as a space for communication. It’s a place where you can laugh your heart out and fill your face till your stomach hurts; a place where you can be yourself. With these recipes, you can definitely make your Christmas dinner as special as it can be.

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