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Deciding whether you’ll be providing hospice at home or in a facility. Educating yourself is essential especially since you need to know the ins and outs of hospice and want what’s best for your elderly parents at home.

Eleanor Gaccetta, the author of One Caregiver’s Journey, knows how confusing it is to be put in that situation. After all, she had the same experience minus the new post-pandemic caregiving protocols the industry has today. The book covers over 9 ½ years of Gaccetta being a full-time family caregiver, making the book rich in information and experience.

We have a few considerations to remember to help youdecide which care option is best for your aging parent.

Are They Able to Stay in Their Homes for Long-Term Caregiving?

Many people find great comfort in being at home, and some are sure that residing in their homes is preferable compared to living in nursing homes or assisted living facilities. Often financial considerations is at the top of the list.

Although people with more severe medical conditions may not have an option, having someone at home to aid with the duties the elderly can no longer complete is often much appreciated.

Depending on your parent’s needs, in-home assistance can range from simple household chores like bathing and cleaning, to more complex services like skilled nursing and prescription support.

The ability to qualify to receive at least some Medicare or Medicaid insurance for home health solutions for many seniors is good. It enables those with physical challenges to remain in their residence for as long as feasible.

However, with the new post-pandemic caregiving protocols, some changes may have occurred regarding these insurances.

What Happens if the Elderly Lives Alone?

Individuals without severe impairments benefit from extra assistance with daily duties like dishwashing, cooking, or cleaning. This is because elderly parents to often live alone or with a partner who is likewise less physically fit than they once were.

Employing a home healthcare assistant can help your parent with daily duties. And since they offer specialized care should an elderly require assistance and want to remain home, home healthcare assistants are perfect for this setup.

Home healthcare is an appealing option for a parent who wants to maintain their independence. It allows them to personalize the care they receive and preserves their autonomy.

Eleanor Gaccetta decided to provide her mother with in-home hospice care when her mother’s health and conditions were eligible. She swiftly decided whether to take hospice at home or facility because she knew her mother would’ve wanted to stay at home. It was a decision she was thankful for because she could spend time with her mother until the end.

Are Your Parents Capable of Moving In With You?

Moving to a household with you, and your new family, can be a good alternative if your parents can no longer continue living alone. This would be what they’d prefer if they wish to avoid availing of assisted living setups.

Having one of your parents move in could be the greatest option, provided you and your family know the responsibilities and work required to be a caregiver. Moving in with you also dramatically reduces the concern that your parent might fall or experience a medical emergency and be unable to contact you for assistance.

Many children are considering bringing their parents to live with them. Since healthcare and retirement communities are becoming more expensive, this is the most viable option for many families. Besides, providing your parents with a place to live and the people they cherish to look after them is a big blessing.

When Does Assisted Living Truly Become Needed?

Understanding your parent’s health and assisted living or other in-patient, long-term care options may be excellent for the home health vs. hospice facility debacle. If your parent has problems requiring more help than you can give or a qualified expert is needed, it’s time to take a look at assisted living.

While discussing moving into assisted living may be awkward and challenging, you and your parents must be open and honest about what’s best for them and their needs.

Frequently, assisted living is a terrific option since it enables parents to live in a supervised setting with people of a similar age and situation.

Choosing Hospice at Home or Facility Isn’t What Matters

Choosing between hospice at home or facility is essential and complex. However, you must remember that you, as a son or daughter, are doing this for your parents. You must approach the issue carefully and put your parents’ needs and health at the center.

We hope that this post was able to help you decide what’s best for your elderly parent. Try reading some of our other blogs, like the 5 Reasons Hospice Care is Beneficial for Patients and Families, to learn more about the topic and some post-pandemic caregiving information!

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