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“I believe you learn so much about yourself during difficult times, and in the end, you can become a stronger, more resilient, and more caring human being. The best part about caregiving is the opportunity it provides for one to grow, improve and conquer fear and challenges, so long as it is done with honesty, humor and love.” – E. Gaccetta.

Book Overview

It is not a question of whether you are about to become a caregiver or not or you are a caregiver; this caregiver book by Eleanor Gaccetta should be on top of your list. “One Caregiver’s Journey” is a personal account that will tug at your heart or make you laugh as Eleanor imparts her experiences about providing care to her mother 24/7 at her home for 9 1/2 years until her mother’s death at age 102.  

The author’s journey began when her mother broke her hip at age 93, and she started journaling her caregiving experiences. Eighteen (18) months later, caregiving became more challenging when her mother suffered a minor stroke. This book started as a series of journal entries designed to provide a source of balance but soon became a narrative about how life readies us for unforeseen challenges. It touches on many issues, provides a snapshot of the reality of the stages, changes, and difficulties caregivers may face over time, and provides information and suggestions to navigate those issues.  

The book is based on personal experiences and not medical findings. It candidly details the unexpected daily health or age-related challenges caregivers face. Because the book was written over 9 1/2 years, the reader will experience first-hand the various changes, stages, challenges, and difficulties of being a full-time caregiver. The author shares practical advice, insights, and experiences of how her caregiving routine evolved as her mother aged. Further, the book extends out six months after her mother’s death and proves there is life after caregiving. 

Gaccetta recognized how particular the time she spent caring for her mother was. She also learned much about herself, her strengths, and how they enriched her life. This book is a caregiving blueprint that empowers readers to realize that the challenges we face are not insurmountable. It is an easy read, honestly written, and provides suggestions and information that all caregivers can utilize.

Snippets from Book Reviews

A. From the Media

“Gaccetta’s book is indeed a primer for anyone considering taking on a caregiver role and a tribute to her “wonderful and loving” parent. Underlying her intimate recollections is her unspoken strength and amply demonstrated in this definitive book, One Caregiver’s Journey.” – Pacific Book Review. 

The stories so intimately shared in this book serve not only as a personal documentation of that decade of her caregiving experiences but also as an extremely comprehensive guide for anyone who finds themselves new to the role of primary, full-time caregiver.” – US Review Of Books.

B. From the Readers

     “Personal memoirs rely on powerful voices to carry their readability, and author Eleanor Gaccetta presents great clarity but also immense honesty and heart in her realistic account of her life as a caregiver for her mother. The prose flows with confidence and excellent editing but also leaves space to breathe and consider the emotion and physical strain put upon family members in a caring position. I loved the juxtaposition of this honesty and practical information against a strong sense of hindsight and perspective. The author can look back with love and fondness for her mother and teach others to recognize the importance of time caring for loved ones. Overall, One Caregiver’s Journey is a reliable and honest resource to help others through their caring journey and a heartfelt memoir tribute not to be missed.” – K.C. Finn

One Caregiver’s Journey” by Eleanor Gaccetta is a story of a daughter who lost her father when she was young, so when the time came for her mother, she did what she had to do and became the primary caregiver. Becoming the sole caregiver of a loved one is not an easy job, especially if that loved one is your parent. The author is brave enough to open her life to the reader and give them strength from her experiences as she cared for her mother. I greatly respect the author for putting her life on hold to ensure that her mother never had to suffer. The book was very emotional, yet it was so lighthearted at the same time. I loved how Eleanor tried her best to make her mother smile, even when she was breaking apart inside. I’m sure this story will act like a soothing balm for many people and be the warm hug they crave. Exceptionally moving!” – Rabis Tanveer

Author’s Information

Eleanor Gacetta is a Colorado native who grew up in a small farming community outside Denver. Her local and state government career spanned almost 40 years, during which time she earned both a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree at Regis University. When Eleanor’s mother broke her hip at age 93, Eleanor retired to provide full-time care to her mother. Armed with love, faith, and humor, she maneuvered being a lone caregiver until her mother’s death at age 102 in 2017. Currently, Eleanor lives in a western suburb of Denver and enjoys an active lifestyle that includes gardening, cooking, baking, physical activities, and spending time with family and friends.

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