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The positives of growing older are something that many of us seem to neglect because we become too stuck with nostalgia and simplicity back when we were young.

Eleanor Gaccetta, author of One Caregiver’s Journey, knows all about the dread that we all feel when we grow older. Eleanor offers a different outlook about growing older. Instead of having a pessimistic view of old age, we should focus on what makes aging a beautiful process.

With that said, join us as we examine the good things about our greying hair and burgeoning age that we can’t stop—the same way we can’t stop time.

One of the Benefits of Growing Older Is the Wisdom We Gain

Based on an article from the Smithsonian Magazine, there have been recent studies that showcase the intellectual and emotional benefits people can get from aging. One of the studies that the article mentions posits that seniors are better at controlling their emotions compared to other age groups.

In the study, researchers had participants of varying ages. They made them play a sort of gambling game that was designed to induce a feeling of regret from the players. The study concluded that, unlike the participants in the 20-something age range, those in their 60s didn’t agonize over their loss as much.

Another interesting thing is that those in the older age range didn’t take bigger risks just to redeem their loss.

The Advantages of Aging Include Having a Better Sense of Accomplishment

People who are older typically have a healthier sense of pride stemming from the accomplishments they’ve garnered. And these achievements don’t even need to be great feats of work or whatnot.

What other people would consider ordinary achievements like serving in the military, raising happy and healthy kids, or being happily married, or happy being single can become the foundation of growing content once we reach old age.

Other Perks of Growing Old Include a Happier Outlook

Many people may be surprised to learn that seniors belong to the happiest age groups. They are basically substantially happier than their middle-aged peers.

Dr. Saverio Stranges, the study’s author, speculates that this might be related to improved coping skills. Seniors may also be happy because they are “more comfortable being themselves” as they get older. This allows them to deal with hardship or unfavorable conditions better than younger individuals.

The positives of growing older are showcased best in Eleanor Gaccetta‘s book One Caregiver’s Journey. Readers will see in it the benefits of aging, but also the hardships.

The Elderly Have More Empathy and Better Social Skills

Participants in another study, referenced in the earlier article, were asked for recommendations for potential “Dear Abby” letter authors. The results showed that elders have stronger social and compassionate skills. A study found:

“Subjects in their 60s were better than younger ones at imagining different points of view, thinking of multiple resolutions and suggesting compromises.”

Even though elders may have more developed social abilities than their younger counterparts, they are nonetheless also prone to loneliness.  Post-pandemic loneliness and depression from isolation and lack of social interactions engulfed the younger generation.  However, those who were in senior facilities were also isolated with no social interaction at the same time also developed deep loneliness and depression.

Gaining the Opportunity to Chase Our Dreams

George Elliot, a Victorian novelist, once said, “It’s never too late to be what you might have become.” Retirement is an excellent opportunity to pursue passions and aspirations that you may have put on hold. This is simply because you have the time to pursue those passions.  For many that might even include tutoring young people or volunteering with a group whose purpose is close to your heart. 

Older Individuals Have More Time for Their Loved Ones

Retirement by itself isn’t happy or relaxing; it’s how it’s spent that makes it distinctive. You may, for instance, learn a new language. You can plan a vacation of a lifetime. Pen the book that has been waiting to be written in your thoughts. Retired people have more time to spend with children and grandchildren. Many may volunteer at schools as a tutor or as a speaker sharing particular life experiences.

The Positives of Growing Older Should Never Be Underestimated

Now that you know more about the advantages of old age, we hope that you can appreciate aging even more. We hope that you don’t fear or resent it and that you learn to love and accept it. Growing old is a beautiful thing, and it’s something that all of us shouldn’t shy away from.

We hope that this article has been helpful and nice to read. Go ahead and buy Eleanor Gaccetta‘s One Caregiver’s Journey today on Amazon or at her website . Check out our other blogs to learn more about making the journey to old age wonderful!

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