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Pairing new foods and flavors can be easily done during one’s free time, but what happens during a disaster? What are easy meals you can prepare when there’s a storm outside?

Let’s face it. Climate change is coming. Now, storms, typhoons, and hurricanes have become more frequent. Severe weather is fast becoming the norm in many parts of the world. With this in mind, it’s also quite important to properly stock up on food and learn what the best fare is when the inevitable does come. 

Of course, when it comes to disasters, preparing meals can be difficult. Extremely so. There are only so many foodstuffs that can last a long while before they turn unsavory and inedible. Thus, when preparing food for stormy weather, it’s always best to look for meals that can be stored easily and cooked easily. Bonus points if prep time doesn’t include having to fire up an oven or anything. That’s because chances are, when you’re already resorting to these foods, electricity’s going to be a pertinent issue.

When stocking up food for stormy weather, one has to be intelligent about it and, paradoxically, generous. Don’t be stingy when you’re filling up your inventory. Remember, during these moments of severe emergency, it’s most likely that roads will be closed off, either deliberately or because of natural causes, stores will have limited access if not shut down entirely, and the usual ways of attaining food will become, at the very least, somewhat challenging. 

So, preparing food in advance is quite important. This is especially so if you live in storm-prone areas. By properly storing up food for stormy weather and other severe events, you can ensure that you and the people you love are prepared and have enough food to eat when disaster strikes, which it has done quite a number of times this year. 

When It’s Raining Cats and Dogs

Preparing food for stormy weather and other events is essential since emergencies can come when you least expect it. Having an adequate amount of food stored is a great way to provide comfort and stability during an otherwise chaotic situation. Knowing that there’s enough food for the whole household and with plenty enough to spare greatly reduces the stress and anxiety people can develop during times of crisis. It at least takes one thing off your mind to worry about. And if you’re smart about it, you can easily fulfill any dietary need for the people around you with medical conditions and food restrictions.

During the ordeal of preparing food for stormy weather, it’s important to stock up on non-perishable items, foods that don’t need to be refrigerated or can last for a long time without it. Think canned goods, whole grain snacks, trail mix, and dry foods. Of course, also remember to set aside water to reserve in case of emergencies. Dehydration can be quite a danger during disasters.

Food for Stormy Weather

When a storm passes through, your choice of food becomes quite limited. It’s not like you can just call or text the local fast-food joint and have a burger delivered. Here are some of the best options for easy and comforting meals you can consider practicing to prepare yourself when emergencies do arrive:

  1. Soup is, perhaps, one of the easiest meals to prepare. Because of its simplicity, you can use virtually any ingredient, provided there is water, and gas or electricity. What’s more, there are almost a million recipes for soup out there to learn from, so you know how to get your bases covered.  Canned varieties of soup is always a stormy6 weather alternative and something that should be stocked.
  2. Chili is a wonderful food for stormy weather. The spiciness can do wonders for the body when the conditions outside become quite cold. While there are various ways to make chili, the primary ingredients are ground meat, beans, tomatoes, and, of course, chili peppers (which, surprisingly enough, can be optional). It’s also a good base to pair with other foods.
  3. Casseroles are excellent emergency food because they can be prepared ahead of time and can easily be reheated when there’s no electricity. It also brings in a lot of flavor and textures to better diversify your meals during crises. If you like pairing new foods and flavors together, a casserole is a good way to experiment. 
  4. Sandwiches are simple meals to prepare during times of disaster. If you properly stock up on various meats, vegetables, and cheeses, you easily have a smorgasbord of meals to choose from. The most important thing, though, is choosing bread that doesn’t mold and expire quickly.

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