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Eleanor Gaccetta is a dedicated home cook, a writer, and her mother’s caregiver. With her books, she is here to uplift and inspire.

Eleanor Gaccetta As A Writer

Eleanor Gaccetta is the author of One Caregiver’s Journey. If you are a caregiver or about to become one, this book is a must-read. This personal memoir will tug at your heart or make you laugh as Gaccetta conveys her experiences about caring for her mother 24/7 for 9 ½ years until her mother’s death at the age of 102. The book is an easy read as it is honestly written and provides suggestions and information that all caregivers can utilize. Eleanor wrote the book over a long time and is a snapshot of the reality of the changes, stages, and many challenges caregivers face over time. It is a caregiver’s blueprint. Reading this book, you will feel you are in the author’s living room, and Eleanor is sharing her story and offering much information and advice.  

On the other hand, Gaccetta also authored the book Generations Of Good Food. This book is a compilation of six (6) generations of food recipes. It is a collection of straightforward recipes and true stories of Italian life that brought every family together around the table. This book will increase your interest whether you are a home cook, a novice in the kitchen, or a professionally trained cook. The cookbook is a compilation of nearly two hundred (200) recipes, including main dishes, pieces of bread, cakes, pies, cookies, and candy. Various pasta dishes, sweet Easter bread, a Chiffon cake, lemon ricotta cookies, Tiger butter fudge, and many delicious recipes are included. Just browsing through the contents will urge you to cook, bake and eat.

Glimpses Into The Life Of Gaccetta

Eleanor, a second-generation Italian, grew up in a community of small family farms outside Denver where, she shares, “the village was close-knit, and the success of one family equated to the success of them all.” She does not shy away from humor and uses the device liberally and intelligently. Her career in local and state government spanned almost forty (40) years, during which time she earned both a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree from Regis University. After a forty-year career, author Gaccetta found herself in the unenviable position of providing round-the-clock care to her 92-year-old mother, 24 hours a day. Armed with love, faith, and humor, she steered being a sole caregiver until her mother’s death at age 102 in 2017. Eleanor’s book, One Caregiver’s Journey, a memoir of her caregiving experience, was published in 2019. And in 2021, Eleanor published Generations of Good Food, a collection of 200 recipes spanning six (6) generations of family. Presently, Gaccetta lives in a western suburb of Denver and enjoys an active lifestyle that includes cooking, baking, gardening, physical activities, and spending time with family and friends.

Praise For Gaccetta On Her Caregiving Book

“She shares her tale and that of her mother (One Caregiver’s Journey) with dignity, candor, an abundance of practical information, and anecdotes of both the blessings and the difficulties of full-time caregiving.” – Jonah Meyer, US Book Review. 

“Gaccetta’s book is indeed a primer for anyone considering taking on a caregiver role and a tribute to her “wonderful and loving” parent. Underlying her intimate recollections is the unspoken strength that she herself possesses and amply demonstrates in this vivid book, One Caregiver’s Journey.” – Pacific Book Review.

What is it really to be a full-time caregiver? This is the question that is answered in-depth by Eleanor Gaccetta in her book One Caregiver’s Journey. The book is full of handy tips for coping with increasingly difficult behavior as her mother lost the power to reason, hold a conversation and even control her bodily functions. The author pulls no punches and does not sugar-coat the more unpleasant aspects of day-to-day living. She is not only the author, but she is also a saint. Her devotion to every detail of her aging mother’s care is beyond amazing. In terms of structure, interest, and descriptive passages, Eleanor writes with clarity and complete honesty. Not only did Eleanor keep her mother at home until the very end, but she also did it with joy, love, optimism, and faith. She managed to find humor in situations most of us would never be able to handle. Filled with many good tips and advice, this book is a must-read for anyone who is caring for or thinking of becoming a caregiver to an elderly person. An honest and impressive book. Her devotion took my breath away.” – Lucinda E. Clarke.

Learn more about Eleanor Gaccetta by reading her bio and browsing her gallery via her webpage.

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