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Whether it’s hectic weeknights on top of juggling household chores or lazy weekends, it would be nice to share meal preparations at home. Worry not! Young chefs can take care of it and blow your taste buds away.

Do you feel anxious or excited thinking of your teenagers handling knives and kitchen equipment? The idea of them getting cut or hurt may send parents into a wave of panic.  As long as they are not left unattended they can share in meal preparation.

But cooking with your kids sounds oh-so-fun! Introducing them to the entertaining world within the four walls of your kitchen can be very beneficial, not just for them but for you as well. Think of late nights, when you’re required to work overtime, or even lazy nights when it’s too tiring to prepare a meal. How wonderful would it be if your young chefs could step in

How Is Cooking Powerful for Kids?

It may be fun cooking with your young chefs and satisfying to get them kicking and familiar with the kitchen. Not to mention, having them cook what they like ensures food will be eaten. But above all, it plays a valuable role in their overall development. Engaging in different hobbies is a great way to reduce stress, increase happiness and instill in them a sense of accomplishment in life.

And what better hobby is there than one that offers functionality for one’s daily routines? Cooking and being familiar with the kitchen is also a life skill.

There’s no better way to build relationships and bond with your kids than cooking. In fact, some of the best memories are created in the kitchen, where children can express their creativity and try something new. To get your young chefs to kick off their cooking prowess, here are easy recipes they can dabble in their free time.

Remember, with practice and suitable recipes, anyone can be a chef!

Meals Young Chefs Can Get Started

As with everything, the start will always be the most intimidating for young chefs.

You won’t want to shock your kids by asking for too much on your plate during their first attempt. Ease their way into the kitchen with these uncomplicated recipes. Kid-friendly meals are defined by how easy and hassle-free the necessary cooking techniques and preparations are. These simpler options can be their stepping stones in building their confidence without asking them to leap miles outside their comfort zones.

In Eleanor Gaccetta’s book on home-cooked food recipes, the author included dishes that anyone, even novices, would be interested in. The cookbook compiles nearly 200 recipes ranging from main dishes to desserts that surely any kid would enjoy participating in the preparation.

Garlic Bread and Pizza Sandwiches

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Start with something basic.

Fortunately, for these recipes for young chefs, basic doesn’t always mean bland or unsavory. Elevate the regular cheese sandwiches by incorporating a kid-favorite food: pizza. Not all pizzas can be sandwiches, but this sandwich can be a pizza!

One way to make this an easier dish is by using frozen garlic bread. But if you want the fresher take on this recipe, a quick garlic spread over toast can do the magic. Top the toast with cheese and pepperoni or get crazy with any pizza topping your kid wants. And if so desired, this sandwich meal can be served with their selection of sauces. It’s a quick assembly of sandwiches with a pizza twist, which surely any kid would enjoy.

Parmigiano and Chicken Breast Tenders

Although the name sounds posh and complicated, this dish can be easily prepared in 35 minutes. The meal includes two of every children’s most favored food: pasta and chicken. Who says no to chicken? Definitely, not kids! They have a penchant for chicken tenders, and this meal is something they won’t get enough of. It’s turning children’s go-to dish into something more classic and, well, formal.

For the young chefs, the pasta might be intimidating. But to ease their burden, there are always easy-to-prepare options, or you can jump in and help. Chicken breasts are dunked into crunchy breadcrumbs and Parmesan cheese for an elevated texture and additional flavor. This coating gives the dish a crispy coating on the outside, with a savory surprise awaiting every bite.

Cheese Puffs

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What’s better than cheese? More cheese! To add another cheesy meal to your roster, here’s an easy cheesy snack for every lunch box.

Young chefs can start by cutting shapes from the ready-made puff pastry and brushing with egg wash after. Once done, they can sprinkle in as much cheese as they want on the pastry and then bake. The cheesier it is, the better this snack becomes! The kids also have the option to try any other shapes and themes for their snack – cheesy and magical.

Peanut Butter Chocolate Balls

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Even young chefs can’t say no to chocolates.

Mix in the sweetness of chocolates with the chunky, savory texture of peanut butter in this easy-to-follow dessert recipe. This is among the easiest sweets children can do, and you might have to watch out for successful attempts without your supervision. With less than five ingredients, these chocolate balls are a cheap and better option for chocolate bars in your local mart. It’s a quick and yummy satisfaction for your children’s sweet cravings.

Mix cracker crumbs with peanut butter to make your foundation, the balls. Once frozen for 30 to 60 minutes, sprinkle toppings before covering them in chocolate. Refrigerate until firm, and enjoy! Now, watch out before your kids finish everything in one sitting.

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