Caregiving in the new normal due to the pandemic has been a struggle and a blessing in disguise. The pandemic has brought many changes in life that affect almost everyone. No matter your age, nationality, profession, or gender, we indeed had to face changes. The pandemic changes changed a lot of us, especially our life cycle. The “normal” cycle we had for our lives before the pandemic changed and became the past cycle we had. When the pandemic struck, many of us faced depression and total exhaustion with the barriers. The number of people going through the so-called “Pandemic Stress” has increased. It was not a pretty scene to observe.

            In the pandemic, we have people who are vulnerable to the virus. The vulnerable populations are the kids/infants, persons with disability, pregnant, and the elderly. The vulnerable populations has been the one who needs extensive care and protection not to catch the virus quickly. When vulnerable people get the virus, they have a higher fatality rate. Side effects can last long after the virus testing is negative.  It is important for information about Covid and the variants to be disseminated as widely as possible.  People who care for the vulnerable elderly need to use this information to provide a safe environment.

            Most of the vulnerable populations are cared for by our solid and brave caregivers. If you are a caregiver and do caregiving as a job or just a plain “caregiver” of the family, I want to give you a round of applause. I feel so encouraged when seeing people willing to sacrifice so much to give care and love. The idea of caregiving has never been an easy thing. So, to those people caregiving, you are worth all the love and the praise. For 2022, you must have your caregiving resolution not just for others but also for yourself. As a caregiver, you must also give care to yourself. Here are some caregiving resolutions you can have for the year 2022!

  1. Self-Care

            We have this on top of our list because it’s essential for caregivers. You must also be a care receiver. Caring isn’t just a one-way process, and it should always be a combo. When you have someone to care for, you know how much that person needs that care and assistance. You can understand that each needs to have someone to care for them in such a sense. 

The “someone” who can give and show you care can be anyone you know; it could be your significant other, your children, your boyfriend/girlfriend, or even yourself. Assurance can be given to you when you can receive care from yourself. Self-care has been a common 21st Century idea. We know ourselves best to the care we can get from ourselves is indeed the best!

  • Check It Up!

            In connection with having self-care, you must also make sure that you are taking good care of yourself. You need to go for your check-up. This resolution could be your resolution for 2022 since there might be an instance that you get to focus on giving care to yourself. We all need to make sure that we are regularly visit the doctor and follow a healthy routing in meals and exercise.

  • Be Open to Change

            By being open to change, caregiving in the new normal, will become easier for the caregiver and their loved one. The pandemic changes should not turn off our passion and love for caregiving. 

It could be that one of the people we give care to lost their life because of this virus. Maybe you are asked to look for someone else to take care of because of the financial problems brought by the pandemic. Whatever it may be, you need to acknowledge this change and accept them. Things change, and nothing is indeed permanent.

  • Set Healthy Boundaries

            You need to set boundaries for yourself and others. Healthy boundaries have been a joint resolution for a lot of people. As a caregiver, we all know that our mindset is astonishing. So you need to set healthy boundaries for yourself this 2022 as a caregiver. We hope you will achieve these resolutions this 2022. 

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